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Christmas shadowbox

This is a photo was taken in 2004 & it was the last Christmas that my sister and I spent together. In spring 2005 she was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma. She passed away December 2005. I miss you Lydia! I've had this photo in my kitchen window since 2004 and I decided to make a shadow box with it. I scanned the photo onto a digital page and printed it. Then I added the star and jingle bells.

The Holy Family-Kim Bright file

This is my second Kim Bright file & I loved the way it turned out! It took an hour to cut it out and about 4 hours to weed. I just took my time and tried my best.

Two more Nativity projects

The designs from

Ho Ho Ho candles

I bought these really cool candle holders at the Dollar Tree. I like finding craft bargains there!
The 'snow' is leftover  Epson salt  from my luminaries. I used Yippy Skippy font for the lettering.

Snowglobe charger

I just discovered the blog of Kim Bright. She makes svg designs from a well known stamp company who is delighted to see their stamp designs used in this format. I cut my first design out & placed it on a silver charger. When I work up the courage to do some more of her files I'll be sure to post,lol!

more candles!

These candles were from the Dollar Tree and I simply cut vinyl designs from Lettering Delights Simple Shapes. The smaller ones are simply more glitter jars.

glittered luminaries

Last summer I made the glittered glass ornaments with Pledge acrylic floor polish and Martha Stewart glitter. I decided to do a recycling project with jars. Most of these are Lipton tea jars. I cut out vinyl reindeer on my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and placed them on the outside of the jar. They are really pretty when the lights are low.

my take on the Epson salt luminaries

I used all recycled glass bottles and jars for this project. The jars were washed,dried and then painted white. After the paint dried, I painted the glasses with mod podge. Then I rolled them in epson salts and let them dry. When the jars were dry I sprayed them with mod podge acrylic sealer spray.

nativity scene, different frame

I made this Nativity frame again with a digital paper & gold vinyl. The background paper for the 12x12 frame was made by Miki Ferkul . Again the vinyl was from Vinylease, an ebay seller. I forgot to mention that the nativity patterns were from

Digital papers & vinyl

This is a Nativity scene that I made for my assistant principal. The background is a paper from a digital designer named Jofia Dafoe. I am not sure where she is selling now. I searched through my digital scrapping kits to find a starry night page. The white vinyl is from Vinylease, an ebay seller.
The doves & peace signs were Jolee's stickers.

Life is a Fairy Tale

My last two I've got to get busy with the Christmas projects! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
My husband and I are going to Golden Coral for Thanksgiving lunch and then I'm hitting Michaels this afternoon for the Thursday doorbuster savings. I've got my coupons printed out & ready to shop!

Aren't these Rudolph Root Beers cute? These were for sale at our store also. If you notice the Rudolph brownies, those were to die for! The antlers,eyes & nose were 'glued' on with cake icing.
Here are two more tiles that I've made. This week I am working on my first Christmas tiles and have cut them out and weeded them. Weeding is the hardest part,lol!

2 floating frames

The Country Store

My church has an annual 'Country Store' where we raise money for missions by selling homemade goodies such as sourdough bread, jellies, jams, preserves and baked goods. We finish the sale with a chili lunch. Crafts are also sold so I decided that I would bake dog biscuits as part of my contribution. We've never had homemade dog biscuits at the country store before,lol! I bake them for my two fur babies so I knew that they would be more than willing to eat anything that didn't sell! I brought the biscuits home and placed them in the freezer for future treats.

I made 4 recipes of "Howl Wheat", "Paw Lickn' Chick'n", "Bark-B-Q" and "PeaMuttButter".

2 more tiles--monograms are my favorite!

It's been awhile!

It's been awhile since I posted so my hat is off to the bloggers who can keep up with blogs on a regular basis. I do have a few things to share that I've made in the next few days. I should get started now, right? This is a file from The good news is that if type in the code 'holidays' they have a current 25% off promotion going on.

Graphic 45 papers, oh wow!

Halloween cats

SVG tester

For the past few weeks I have been working on some projects for the digital designer Ellie Lash. She is going to be adding svg files to her store which is always a good thing! You can never have too many files, right? Anyways, I wanted to share the first projects I made from her fish collection. I was really stumped on what to make with the fish but I made a few cards and a set of stick puppets. The kindergarten teacher in me could think of fish paper sack puppets & projects for the letter F,lol!

Will and Fiona

Will is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & he's 7 years old. He's been quite excited to have Fiona in the house. My son snapped this photo of the two of them together.

Introducing Fiona

I've been a little preoccupied this week so I haven't had a new post since last Sunday. We have a new addition to our family and I'd like to share a few pictures with you of Fiona our 10 month old papillon.
She loves to cuddle and be held. She's not too sure about our CKC spaniel who is quite a bit larger than her. He is very excited to have a new buddy and she's a bit overwhelmed with him right now.

recycled Lipton tea jars

There is a saying in the south that if the Good Lord made anything better than iced tea, he kept it for himself. We drink a lot of tea around here. My husband and son love sweet tea & I drink it unsweetened. My husband and son also love MickeyD sweet tea for a buck!
This summer I had a collection of empty tea jars so I wanted to see what I could do with them. I was inspired by a Plaid video showcasing Mod Podge and glass jars.
I adapted the project so I could call on some of my digital graphic stash to make these candle holders.
For my digital graphics I printed a paper of antique maps from  Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium™ ,
Jaguarwoman's "Wetlands" Backgrounds and my all time favorite designer Miki Ferkul.I have a lot of Miki's kits and I cannot remember which one that this print came from.
I printed these and applied them to the jars with Mod Podge. I opted for battery operated candles for safety reasons.
Hopefully tomorrow I can take photos of recycled pro…

my last wedding tile

I thought I would share my latest wedding tile. I need to make a few graduation, housewarming & a baby girl tile soon. Then I should be caught up,lol!

Glass etched dish

This was a wedding gift that I made this summer. I have glass etched a few glasses and Christmas ornaments, but this was the first baking dish that I've ever done. I need to personalize a few of my dishes that I take to family reunions and church dinners!

Tote bag

This was one of my first fabric projects to cut. I took my mother-in-law to  a senior citizen lunch and bingo game & I won this bag which came from the Dollar Tree,lol! I got to pick my prize from several different things & I chose this one because I knew I could decorate it!

Doggie mat

I wanted to make a doggie mat for my CKC spaniel & I came up with this. I've been a fan of the Mod Podge Rocks blog for some time. I've dabbled in mod podge for years even before there was an internet,lol! I used designs from Lettering Delights Simple Shapes & fabric to make this mat for my dog. He seems pleased with it too.

Outdoor lantern

This summer I found a really  cute recycling idea at In my own style using an old mop stick, tuna can & a glass globe. I had the stick & tuna can so I followed the blogger's advice & went to the local Salvation Army thrift store to find my globe. To my delight I found the perfect size for my project. I also found a huge globe & I'm still looking for a can that I can use to create the next project.
I used brushed metal spray paint, stick, tuna can and a plastic coke cap to make mine. I also bought a battery operated tealight for the lantern.

Floating frame wedding gift

I used the same file from the previous large tile that I posted. It took me so long to weed this one too!

Floating frame

This was my first attempt at a floating frame. I must say that it was easier for me to do the larger tiles than these smaller framed ones.

another wedding tile

A wedding tile

This is a photo of the first wedding tile that I made this summer. I've discovered that making tiles can become addicting! For this tile I purchased a monogram set from The file I purchased was this great monogram set "Monogram 6" This files come with 6 different file formats with the entire alphabet. A total of 156 files when you count all those file types.
At our annual family reunion we always give out door prizes. I'm thinking that this would be a great idea. My brother and I are in charge of the 2013 reunion so that gives me a little time to make a few,lol!