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Christmas shadowbox

This is a photo was taken in 2004 & it was the last Christmas that my sister and I spent together. In spring 2005 she was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma. She passed away December 2005. I miss you Lydia! I've had this photo in my kitchen window since 2004 and I decided to make a shadow box with it. I scanned the photo onto a digital page and printed it. Then I added the star and jingle bells.


MichelleMyBelle said…
Rhoda, sorry for the loss of your family members, and very close together. This is a beautiful keepsake of your sister.
Shawna said…
So nice Rhoda. My heart goes out to you.
Barbara said…
Your project is beautiful, Rhoda! December must be a difficult time for you. It is lovely for you to see a reminder of a joyful Christmas with your sister, though, and I hope it brings you more smiles than tears. (((Hugs!)))

Barbara (bdjeepers)
krafting kelly said…
What a beautiful memento. It seems especially hard to lose someone in December.

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