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Happy New Year! (a little late, I know!)

Here it is, the last day of January and it's my first post for the new year.  I've had some crazy computer problems but all appears well right now. I thought I had fried my Acer netbook on New Year's Eve and thought I knew the steps to fix it. Apparently I left out one file & I figured out how to fix it  tonight on the 31st of January! It's been really sad without my netbook so I'm looking forward to having it back.
My external hard drive with all of my digital kits & cutting files tried to quit but it's working fine now.
I burn everything to cd & dvd so it would have been possible to copy all those files to a new ehd. I'm glad I didn't have to though.
I also bought a duplicate file finder that found tons of duplicates of all my many files.
I feel like I spent the majority of January doing computer work in the evenings and night.
It just feels good to end January with my equipment working and files better organized!


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The Holy Family-Kim Bright file

This is my second Kim Bright file & I loved the way it turned out! It took an hour to cut it out and about 4 hours to weed. I just took my time and tried my best.

Nutribullet to the rescue!

I like to make my own laundry soap! There are tons of recipes on pinterest for this and the recipe that I use consists of Arm & Hammer washing soda, oxygen cleaner, smelly crystals and grated Fels Naptha soap.
When I've made this soap in the past it took a lot of time and a little muscle to grate the Fels Naptha bar. When I used the soap in the washing machine the grated soap did not always dissolve.
Enter the Nutribullet! I decided to cut the Fels Naptha bar into chunks that would fit in the Nutribullet container. I used the milling blade and it turned the soap into a very fine powder in just a short time.
I then decided to mix all of the ingredients in the Nutribullet. I was really pleased by the texture of the soap and of the way the Nutribullet made short work of pulverizing the Fels Naptha!


I made this luminary with a BooLand Designs kit, Winter Wonderland . I had forgotten to take a picture of it before Christmas. I had already packed up my battery operated tea lights so I was going to photograph it with a real candle. Not a good idea! I caught it on fire while trying to light it, but I still needed a picture of it. I was blowing on it, laughing & trying to get a picture if it before it disintegrated before my eyes! I'll bet no one else has tried to photograph a team project while it was on fire!