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I made this luminary with a BooLand Designs kit, Winter Wonderland . I had forgotten to take a picture of it before Christmas. I had already packed up my battery operated tea lights so I was going to photograph it with a real candle. Not a good idea! I caught it on fire while trying to light it, but I still needed a picture of it. I was blowing on it, laughing & trying to get a picture if it before it disintegrated before my eyes! I'll bet no one else has tried to photograph a team project while it was on fire!

Elf shoe & stockings

One of my coworkers made this little treat for me yesterday!

School luncheon door prizes

I made a few tiles for our faculty luncheon today to give out as door prizes. As of today I'm tired of making vinyl and tiles! I made a few charger plates to give away also.

Christmas tiles

I'm getting ready for the holiday season! I've been working on a 12 days of Christmas project for the past two weeks. I wanted to post these pictures before I add the greenery and lights. I used digital papers from
BooLand Designs kit, "Winter's Moon"

Nutribullet to the rescue!

I like to make my own laundry soap! There are tons of recipes on pinterest for this and the recipe that I use consists of Arm & Hammer washing soda, oxygen cleaner, smelly crystals and grated Fels Naptha soap.
When I've made this soap in the past it took a lot of time and a little muscle to grate the Fels Naptha bar. When I used the soap in the washing machine the grated soap did not always dissolve.
Enter the Nutribullet! I decided to cut the Fels Naptha bar into chunks that would fit in the Nutribullet container. I used the milling blade and it turned the soap into a very fine powder in just a short time.
I then decided to mix all of the ingredients in the Nutribullet. I was really pleased by the texture of the soap and of the way the Nutribullet made short work of pulverizing the Fels Naptha!

Autumn Dawn wreath

I loved the colors in this kit and decided to make another wreath. The wreath was a recycled one.
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My Halloween tree

I cut out a few shapes from Lettering Delights and placed them on the tree.
Since I did this at school the choice of adhesive was sticky tack,lol!

Remember Me

Here is a shadow box that I made using the kit "Remember Me" by BooLand Designs. In the box is a photo of my cousins on our first family reunion. We've met for 50 years every summer and still going strong!
This shadow box is going to be a door prize for the 2013 reunion.

Remember Me

This is the latest kit released from Boo and I just love the papers in this kit! I made a luminary with one if them. I have another project that I'm working on and will share it when I finish .

Dark Nights vinyl framed picture

I made this with Boo's Dark Nights page kit. I printed the stacked page & then glued it to black card stock. I framed this and then added the Halloween haunted castle to the top of the glass frame.

The Baker family art event

This weekend my Baker cousins got together for an art part at the Visual Art center in Marshall, Texas. I talked my son into going and taking the lesson.
The goal was to reproduce a painting of our grandparent's home place. The instructors took the participants through step by step instructions on how to paint on the canvas with acrylic paints.
I took photos as the painting progressed. Here's what Shane did;

Carousel greeting card - theStudio Gallery

glittered fan - theStudio Gallery

BLD_VintageWhispers_bookmarks_rjs1 - theStudio Gallery

doily - theStudio Gallery

3 Halloween projects for my classroom - theStudio Gallery

house numbers - theStudio Gallery

hand fan - theStudio Gallery

BLD_Truly_rjs - theStudio Gallery

summer projects from BooLand

My latest tile

Lavender Chic is in the store!

Purple is my favorite color and this kit was fun to work with. I made a "SWEET" mini album and a notepad with the papers. Lavender Chic along with several others of Boo's designs are on sale right now.