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Back in December I was reading the creative team calls at I have not done a lot of digiscrapping in a few years and thought that if I applied for a team that I would get back in the swing of it and start scrapping again.
When you're chosen for a team you need to send a link to your most complete up to date gallery of layouts. Since I haven't scrapped much in a couple of years I knew that my gallery didn't have much to show.
I found a call for a position on a hybrid team at Gingerscraps. I was interested in that position because I've been doing projects for awhile now. I decided that I would send a link to my gallery and a link to my blog. I got the call and was invited to join the creative hybrid team at Gingerscraps.
I'm still learning my way around the forums but I have found it to be a very friendly, welcoming place.
I invite you to check it out! I'm excited about using digital kits with my new Cameo cutting machine!
I'm also getting a few digital layouts made too. Who knows---maybe I'll catch up with layouts in 2012!
The forum also has a challenge for project 365/52 which may be just the boost that I need for this year.
Many other challenges can be found in the forum too.


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The Holy Family-Kim Bright file

This is my second Kim Bright file & I loved the way it turned out! It took an hour to cut it out and about 4 hours to weed. I just took my time and tried my best.

Nutribullet to the rescue!

I like to make my own laundry soap! There are tons of recipes on pinterest for this and the recipe that I use consists of Arm & Hammer washing soda, oxygen cleaner, smelly crystals and grated Fels Naptha soap.
When I've made this soap in the past it took a lot of time and a little muscle to grate the Fels Naptha bar. When I used the soap in the washing machine the grated soap did not always dissolve.
Enter the Nutribullet! I decided to cut the Fels Naptha bar into chunks that would fit in the Nutribullet container. I used the milling blade and it turned the soap into a very fine powder in just a short time.
I then decided to mix all of the ingredients in the Nutribullet. I was really pleased by the texture of the soap and of the way the Nutribullet made short work of pulverizing the Fels Naptha!


I made this luminary with a BooLand Designs kit, Winter Wonderland . I had forgotten to take a picture of it before Christmas. I had already packed up my battery operated tea lights so I was going to photograph it with a real candle. Not a good idea! I caught it on fire while trying to light it, but I still needed a picture of it. I was blowing on it, laughing & trying to get a picture if it before it disintegrated before my eyes! I'll bet no one else has tried to photograph a team project while it was on fire!